Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Some New(To Me) Blogs, etc.

1. Sepia Mutiny, one of the most visually pleasing blogs I've seen in quite some time- it's a group effort by some Indian-American bloggers.

1a: Apul:"Musharraf visits India in April"

Apul also tells us about how India and Pakistan can settle their disputes with a high-stakes cricket match...

1b: Abhi: "Bloggable things just happen to me"
The bane of a blogger’s existence is that once you become one, once you descend into such a depraved state, EVERYTHING around you becomes a potential post. If you see a puppy you think, “how cute, but where is the blog angle?” Do something noteworthy puppy.
Abhi also tells us how he is a little wiser every time he goes to get a haircut.

2. DavidNunez.Com
david nunez is a prospecting fringefinder, maverick unrealist, shadetree artist, apocalyptic cyberhippie, amateur brain hacker, carnival technovangelist, dream accelerator, and reckless engineer.
Said description suggests that his blog is either very clever or very affected. Incidentally, one of my ex-roommates presently has a roommate named David Nunez, although I somehow doubt it's the same person. I've met the guy and he never mentioned anything to me about fringefinding.

3.A Fistful of Euros, another group effort.

scott martens: "Wolfowitz: The World Bank staff hate him already"
Martens notes that
there is a World Bank President blog and that "you can e-sign a statement of concern." sponsored by the European Network on Debt and Development

Eurodad? I can't help but note that the "statement of concern" was open for a fairly brief period of time, which makes me think that the blog in question may be a dog-and-pony show intended to demonstrate the warmth and reasonableness of the World Bank and its staff.

4. First Fight, by Bryan Sorens. Bryan is an ex-con who says the Texas prison system extended his sentence when they found out he wrote "articles for publication", although he doesn't elaborate, or at least he hasn't the last time I checked.

5. 2071.Org (and no,I have no idea what 2071 stands for.)
6. Bob's Links and Rants

jeez, look at that address:

Bob writes well, and the cartoons are invariably interesting, but I know that less than catchy URL must be a hindrance to Bob gaining wider recognition. My colleague in thoughtcrime Arvin Hill says that even would be a vast improvement.

7. speaking of inelegant URLs, you may have noticed that Steve Baum of Ethel the Blog has moved, here.
Myself, I don't care for his new host/template/interface but hey, it's his business. If you are a lefty Texas blogger and haven't heard of Ethel, you owe yourself a look, both at the current site and the original. Baum is a Texas A&M-College Station prof and the Godfather of Texas liberal blogging, having started in the late 1990s, which is like 50 or 60 years ago in internet time.

finally: do you have a blog you're proud of but which is getting overlooked in th' blogosphere? I'm by no means a prominent blogger, but if you write me care of my yahoo email address and tell me about your blog I may write it up if it strikes me as interesting-- or feel free to leave a comment and a URL at this post. I'll leave it up unless I think you're crazy or trying to sell viagra or pirated software, etc.

addendum, 8.2005: comments closed on this post due to comment spammers.