Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dick Morris was on Bill O'Reilly's show tonight, talking about the exit polls-- you know, the ones that predicted in the early evening that Kerry was ahead in several of the swing states, including Florida and Ohio. In what seemed like something of a rehearsed scene, O'Reilly raised several objections and possibilities regarding why the exit polls might've been wrong, and each time Morris knocked them down, insisting that exit polls are very reliable by their nature. So finally Morris got to the pitch after the windup, and said that he felt that the exit polls must've been "juiced", i.e. falsified, by the democrats to discourage republicans from going to the polls. Time and again I have this queasy sensation with a certain wing of the republican party( the main one) that when they're planting a lie in your mind they do it by accusing their opponent of precisely what they're doing, only I don't think it's unconscious projection with someone like Morris, but rather something deliberate. In fact, I've been surprised by how well-behaved (what I've seen of) the lefty blogosphere has been in being too seemly to suggest that the results in Florida and Ohio were being accurately predicted by the exit pollers, and in fact massaged after the fact by little brother and Diebold. And when you knock exit polls as a democratic party plot you set up many sequels.