Tuesday, May 20, 2003

from Yahoo News(AP):

Democratic senators criticized the Smithsonian Institution Tuesday for moving a photo exhibit of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to a basement hallway, calling it self-censorship. The new location, between a loading dock and a freight elevator, is a high traffic area where workers moving large boxes and equipment occasionally block a clear view of the photos. At a hearing Tuesday, Democratic senators displayed photos of visitors peering over boxes to see the exhibit.

When I see a story like this, I cringe. Not because I think the Alaska ANWR is no big deal, but because I see the democrats nibbling timidly around the periphery of what Bush stands for, rather than forcefully taking him to task. I've heard nothing, by contrast, about democrats talking about the layoffs of baggage screeners that the administration is planning on-- presumably because the polls say that centrist voters favor the republicans on security, so somewhere in Washington the desicion has been made to keep mum on security issues. I hate to see faux democrat Joe Lieberman being the only one who says anything about the anti-terrorism missteps of the administration.